Super Pixel Games is an independent studio that loves sports titles

We’re super excited about our next upcoming football game, called College Bowl! It’s available on Steam on June 20th, 2024 and coming to all major consoles later this year!

Our goal is to make games that our fans love and want to play everywhere they go

Making games is our ultimate passion and building sports games is a thrill! We're excited to bring fun and immersive games to gamers around the world!

Javier MartinezIndie Developer

OUT NOW On Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5!

Featured on the CW show, “Walker”!

Checkout some of the Reviews on our first title, Legend Bowl

Operation Sports

Best Alternative Sports Game in 2021: Legend Bowl

Sports Gamers Online

Legend Bowl Early Access Review: Throwing Back to the Classics

PC Gamer

Just in time for football season, Legend Bowl launches out of Early Access

An excellent and challenging retro-styled game, with a lot more depth than you would expect based on the (beautiful) pixel graphics.

ahMostynPC Review

Better then madden is right. Has blood injuries, coach mode and yard sticks that actually come and measure the distance in short yardage.

GGKoulPC Review

I bought this game today, and I love it. I used to play Madden, but EA is trash.

Handsome RalphPC Review

Point blank; Legend Bowl is a ton of fun. There are tons of "HOLY S&$%" moments in this game. Lots of customization options and a lot more modes than I would expect for a sports game in Early Access.

Lex MarstonPC Review

This is probably the best football game I've ever played.

jokermappingPC Review